Not Very Productive

Today started off pretty plain, nothing exciting, not even a slight feeling of any enthusiasm. I am not sure why that is, but I’ve made it through most of the day and hopefully tomorrow will be better

I am hosting a brunch tomorrow which I volunteered to do. I do struggle in some social situations and can be pretty awkward at times. I have a tendency to push myself to do things that I know may be difficult for me. This is one way I feel I can conquer my anxiety. However, this does not always work or go as planned. If it does not, at least  I can say that I tried.

I was supposed to get some crocheting done today and work out. This did not take place and may not by the end of the night. This is ok. It will not kill me. The only thing I can really think about right now is food. I am not that interested in doing anything else at the moment. I want hot wings, pizza, or a gyro. Now don’t get me wrong I usually eat pretty healthy, but I treat myself from time to time. So, my main focus for the rest of the evening will probably be deciding which food I want to eat.


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