Keeping an Agenda to Remain Unanxious

ee841afc-39de-4b96-b253-801120c2c60aMost mornings I do not like to be bothered much until I have balanced myself out. By balancing myself out I mean doing my little rituals that assist me in being more pleasant for myself and the World to deal with.

I find that starting my day off early is best. Staying in bed asleep or lounging around too long can be detrimental to me sometimes.

Setting an alarm and keeping to a schedule is always a good plan. However, if you are anything like me you may try too hard to keep to your schedule. I can be very rigid when I plan something. If I plan to do something it must be done and at the exact time I said and how I thought it to go!!

This can create adverse effect of making an agenda in the first place. I can get so caught up in scheduling. I can set my workout time at 7:00am and not get to it until 7:30am, due to various reasons. Sometimes simply being tired or needing to do something before my workout. Now, I am 30 minutes behind on the schedule I created. In the back of my mind I can nag myself and hinder myself from enjoying the rest of the day because I was 30 minutes off schedule. Although, most times I finish everything earlier than expected. Therefore, all that time I spent in the back of my head worrying about being off schedule was worthless. It was simply me letting the negative anxious voice take control over me, my life, and my day.

Learning to plan without being too anal is the best way for me to make it through the day. I created the agenda and I can change it. If I cannot get something done today and I can save it for tomorrow then that’s what I do. Let go and realize everything is not perfect nor will it go exactly as I have pictured it in my head. This is okay. This is life. Adjust your schedule to what seems to make sense and keep it moving!!!!


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  1. Great advice! People, in general, are so caught up in schedules. We often forget that time is a social construction. Time does not belong to the mountains or the ocean. We made it up – and then we become slaves to it. We really have to stop being so robotic and go with the flow more.

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    1. Exactly! Slaves to it, I feel you with that. Life is much less stressful when we can just flow with what is happening and not go against it. Including time!

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