Solo Brunch and Inconsiderate People

I arrived for brunch 20 minutes early. I am expecting 3 other women to join me. I wait 30 minutes after our designated time before I get seated and order. After I’d waited 15 minutes I figured no one was going to show up. I attempted to be optimistic for the moment and gave them another 15 minutes. Still no one contacted me or let me know they were running late. I ordered a breakfast burrito, cheese grits, and coffee. I was going to go home and save the money. I just couldn’t pass up that meal though. The food was good and I am glad I decided to stay and treat myself. I hopped in an Uber on the way home because it looked like it was going to rain again. As soon as I arrived at home the sun started to beam. Why couldn’t it have been out while I was out and about.

I really do dislike when people are inconsiderate of others. I sent out a reminder email yesterday as a reminder to update your RSVP if you could no longer make it. One person took heed to that. The others did not. Even if they did it this morning at least I would’ve had an indication that I would be dinning alone. I know that anything could’ve happened, but all those women could not have had an emergency or did not see my email. Come on now! Be for real! I think it was just plain uncouth on their part.

The rest of the day I plan to enjoy myself and engage in some activities that will keep my mind/spirit in a good space.


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  1. ngfayeng says:

    Inconsiderate people irritate the life out of me, is it that hard to send a text?

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    1. Yeah, that’s how I feel! Even if later on today you realize you missed brunch….hit me up and just let me know that wasn’t your intention. That’s too much like right though. Makes no sense to me

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  2. Tareau Barron says:

    I feel you on that sista. It’s funny because if you were a celebrity or a trending topic on Twitter, your own friends will give you their soul if you wanted it. At least you had a good meal. One thing we can’t get back is time. I hope your girlfriends apologized profusely to u.

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    1. Exactly!!! I always enjoy food with or without people lol. It was a bit of a mix up on their end its all good now.

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