Pass the bottle please!

“It’s Friday and I’m ready to play, pick up my girls and hit the party scene tonight” LOL, but seriously

Unwinding for me is long over due. I have some personal, relationship (non existent now), living situation, and mental s*** I’m enduring at the moment. I’m in desperate need of alcohol, ASAP to tranquilize the pain I’m suffering through. I don’t do well with pain. It takes over! It takes over like a familiar venom seeping through every part of me. I never learned how to properly process my feelings, which is why I believe I have certain issues. I can’t take it. It feels like death is consuming me alive. I’m being slowly eradicated as I type. So….off to do a slight turn up! I’ve been doing well….but I haven’t been in this much pain in months. Maybe a couple of years.


*Background music for the night

One of my absolute favorite artists right now. She gets me through.  She does her own writing and production. Now, I’m not hardly as wild as the song sounds. However, my feelings resonate with the general theme. Her music and videos give me an 80s/90s vibe which I love. I feel like  she makes it her own and writes and sings from her heart and a place of pain, but not sadness….if that makes sense.



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  1. It’s lovely how drugs numb the pain đŸ™‚

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