Auntie Status….?

I’ve definitely been super busy with life and other random events. It feels like I’ve been off wordpress forever. Anywho….I wanted to pop on here real quick this morning.

I have a 2 year old nephew. My first and only nephew. He’s a real character as most 2 year olds are. However, I’m receiving pressure from some people (my granny) for me to make him call me Auntie. I don’t necessarily know if I want him to address me in that way. We have a very playful relationship and I kinda like it that way. I will assert my authority as needed.

I can recall my grandmother doing the same with me and my uncle. For the longest I just called him by his name. We’re 10 years apart by the way. I don’t think he had a real issue with me calling him by his name. My granny on the other hand started to push him to that. It made me feel like they were just f-ing with me at the time. I’ve been calling him one thing my whole life now you want to switch it up. He ended up going along with it and would correct me if I didn’t add uncle to his name.

I also can recall similar situations where people I barely knew would try to make me call them aunt. It’s always the women……..

I didn’t understand addressing a person as aunt that I didn’t really know. Not even truly related to me, but you think you’re supposed to get the highest level of respect. Just because you’re an adult does not always mean you deserve that. Especially for some of the individuals I’ve crossed paths with. They also weren’t even old for real.

I understand that the older generation views this title as respect. I do understand their perspective, but that does not mean that I have to follow suit.

I want my nephew to call me what he is comfortable with. He’ll know that I’m his aunt and I will be stern with him when needed. Just because I don’t necessarily want him to call me aunt does not mean that I will let him run over me. Nor does it mean that he will really respect me any more or less. I think it’s up to individuals to show him who’s got his back and will be there.


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  1. kelley says:

    I have only one nephew as well and he calls me Yaya since I don’t care for Aunt, Auntie or TT. I really don’t like him calling me Kelley either, but he gets away with it sometimes.

    But I agree with you, especially since you’re an adult. Your title should be totally up to you.

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    1. Exactly! I’m glad someone understands.

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  2. tarnishedsoul says:

    I have always felt that the two people in a relationship – whatever the relationship might be – gets to decide the nature of that relationship. No one else involved can dicate that for them…as soon as they do, they are imposing on that relationship.

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    1. Exactly, it’s not organic to me if it’s gonna be dictated like that. There was a time I said mommy, now its mostly ma or mama. He may one day decide to call me Auntie, but I’m not going to strictly enforce that upon a 2 year old.

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  3. LabelMePosh says:

    My grandson calls me MiMi and I’m here for it.

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    1. Exactly!! No one should dictate that. That sounds super cute too. Mimi! lol.


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