Falling Into Place

When I take a step back…..reflecting on my life the last several years, I see things slowly falling into place. Maybe not as quickly or as perfectly as I desire. Patience also is not my strong suit right now. It has become apparent to me that the path I’m in is not necessarily one that anyone else will travel. This is ok….I think before I was not settled with thinking that. Why does my journey have to line up exactly with others? I have my own pace of growth and progression.

I was almost ready to jump into another path of education that may have not been for me. I was a bit more patient ( which is like torture sometimes) and decided on a career path that I think is better for me and will allow me freedom. I have slaved at enough places to know that I don’t really like working for or with others much. More so for others….if people act normal (not like assholes) I have no problem working with you. I just find coworkers to be assholes 70% of the time.

I am getting adjusted to the part time gig and it may even help me in the long run in my new career path which is great! Things line up when you go into it with a little patience and confidence.


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