Just Another Day

I haven’t posted as frequently the last couple of weeks. I probably have been over working myself a tad bit. I’ve been making custom crochet orders as well as things I have a desire to make.

I really have to set out an agenda because I can end up crocheting almost the entire day. I also have been trying out some new recipes and stuff. Plus, I’ve just started reading The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. I haven’t gotten to the meat and potatoes of it yet, but I think it’s be very enlightening for me. 

The last couple of weeks I’ve also had some epiphanies about my life, personality, and characteristics. There are certain things I’ve been doing for long periods of time that are detrimental to my mental health and well being. Identifying the issue and not counteracting it is sort of self destructive. Once these issues are recognized I believe that I should whole heartedly put forth the action to get the results I want. However, this isn’t always easy. It’s often the most difficult part. I know I’m capable….its just getting over that hump. 


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  1. That is one of the most important books to come out in the past few years. Would love to hear your thoughts on it when you really start to dig in – I live to chat about it =D

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    1. For sure. I’d come across it some years back when I was finishing up college. I think I saw it around. However I never took the time to look into it. Since I’ve seen Hidden Colors recently, I’ve been dying to read this. Will definitely let you know what I think.

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