Mind Blowing Decisions 

🎶Mind blowing decisions causes head on collisions…..🎶

There are more decisions in life than we can count. Certain choices can mean life or death. Some can put you in a predicament where you’re fighting for your life. Often times the decisions aren’t that critical.

We can make choices and realize 5 years later we should’ve been doing something else. I suppose that’s apart of the growth process. I guess what’s most important is getting to the destination. No matter if you made a few or more than a few wrong turns in life.

I’ve been thinking of various career options. Thinking….I should’ve went to college/trade school for this and that instead of what I went for. Although, I’m kinda of glad I did still. I want to do something that does not feel like work. Something that I can truly enjoy doing. Many people live and work….work and live and never know what it is to enjoy life. Never stop to smell the fresh air. Each path is different. Part of mines has just begun. I still have time to change my life into what I want it to be. I want to be able to do that and I will…….but enough rambling! I’ve attached the actual song for good music’s sake lol.



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  1. Tareau Barron says:

    For me, in therapy I’m learning how our brain processes information. I honestly am hooked on those RPG video games where you can dictate the outcome. Unfortunately, my brain sometimes tries to rationalize decisions the same way. I hate that my mind was built that way lmfao.

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  2. Good point. Life is a series of forks in the road. We are forced to choose one path and then we always wonder what could’ve been or what would’ve been had we went the other way. I am always fixating on prior decisions, and undermining myself after I do so. I am trying to learn to stop doing this, though – as it is seldom productive.

    We have somewhat similar taste in music lol. I remember that song from back in the day.


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