Giving Up Guilty Pleasures

We all have that guilty pleasure we like to occasionally indulge in!! Although I don’t like to admit it, I occasionally watch reality tv shows. Periodically I have the tv on just cause….I don’t really even have to be all into it. Other  times it’s just background noise and if I hear something interesting I’ll shift my attention.

These shows often  give me a good laugh! In the grand scheme of the reality tv phenomenon the people are actors and some are good. Some even deserve awards for that nonsense they pull off. Most of these shows have all these tripped out story lines and with no real point to any of them. It’s a little different for a movie, at least with movies there is usually a plot. These reality shows are just a bunch of jumbled up story lines thrown together.

I asked myself am I benefiting from watching this in anyway? Is it teaching me anything I don’t know? Granted some reality tv shows may like those therapy shows. However, I am talking about the ratchet shows where someone is messing with someone else’s man, drinks are thrown, tight dresses, etc. But these people are supposed to be of some high class and wealth. I believe reality tv is a huge contributor to why the youth is so brain washed.

I believe a disconnect is due from time to time. Right now I am focused on getting myself in a better place in life. I feel like putting the type of energy those shows give off is not beneficial for me right now and maybe never. I have even slowed down looking on IG as often. I don’t post everyday or anything….but I’m on there almost everyday. Sometimes too long…..getting lost page after page. I see one thing I like I click, then another click, click,click. The next thing I know I am 10 degrees of separation from where I started in the first place.

For right now I will not be watching any super ratchet reality tv or the vlogs I watch faithfully after the shows. I’ll definitely miss my vloggers and their awesome personalities while I am doing this little detox. I’ll still check out more relevant vlogs, but not ones that are specifically discussing reality garbage. I’ve actually been doing well….it’s been about a week and  a half……I haven’t really thought about what’s going on much either. So I’m going to continue on this reality tv sabbatical and hope to be more clear minded after.


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  1. Tareau Barron says:

    Hahaha, there is nothing wrong with ratchet bs on tv. The problem is the overabundance of these types of shows. I’m all for equal programming . No need to feel guilty, these are just entertainment and there is nothing wrong with a little entertainment. So indulge, I won’t label or judge.

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    1. Lolol! I feel you. It’s definitely too many of those kinds of shows. I haven’t totally cut it out. I’ll go back to it at some point, but not right now. I get the best laughs sometimes from those shows.

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  2. I feel you on this. To reinforce what Tareau has said a bit: we all have a our “guilty pleasures”, it is just a matter of degree. Too much of anything is bad.

    In a world with so much evil and chaos – it is important to have an escape, for the sake of sanity. It only becomes a problem when it begins to impede on your functionality (i.e. being incapable of going without it) or, like you said, brainwashing you in some way (i.e. knowing more about Real Housewives than current events).

    The only time I watched reality TV was the episode of some show where Ray J pushed a woman into the water. Lol. It was awful, but I could not change the channel because it was so interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Lolol, At the reality tv experience! It’s like that! But yea, where I am right now I feel like an overflow of positive things may give me the boost I need.

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      1. I just heard FUBU and Where Do We Go. Solange is very socially conscious. I like these tracks!

        I am reading that Raphael Saadiq helped produce some of these songs. Whatchu know about Raphael Saadiq and Tony Toni Tone!!!!??

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      2. Yes, I saw that too after hearing some songs. She is very socially conscious. I like Raphael Saadi & Tony, Toni, Tone.!!! I’m glad you like them.

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      3. I just listened. I hadn’t heard that in lil while. 🎶🎙”whatever you want …..”🎙🎶 lol!

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      4. !!!!! throwback – now i’m probably gonna be listening to their stuff for the next couple of days lol

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      5. I already know how that is lol!

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