I’m Not Listening!!!!

My life is extremely frustrating right now. I actually can’t remember when life wasn’t tumultuous. Nothing is ever right and never has been. Every time I open my mouth I’m misunderstood. Nobody truly gets me. Some may say they do, but they really don’t. There may be a few folks that halfway get it. Makes me want to simply cease conversation with people. I literally feel like I have to keep dialogue to a minimum. It doesn’t make sense to waist the energy.

I have a difficult time communicating  more often than not. I recurrently draw blanks in the middle of conversations. I can forget where I’m going with my stories or statements, which is very frustrating for me! The person I am engaged in conversation with usually wants me to finish the story and I am sitting there blank. I’ll spend a couple of seconds trying to retrieve the thoughts that were there initially. More often than not it does not come back. It really grinds my damn gears when I can’t recall what I wanted to say.


I also have a tendency to forget details from conversations. It does not matter if the conversation was 10 minutes ago or 2 days ago. It leaves others resentful  when it is something significant to the person. This flaw gives people the impression I am not listening and couldn’t care less what they are talking about. This is so far from the truth, especially for those I truly care about. It can even be as bad as in the middle of a conversation I’ll just get lost….a one second thought can ruin a conversation and leave the person with ill feelings towards me.

Communicating shouldn’t be this difficult. I guess I plan to combat this with more meditation, which is still a challenge for me. Make myself slow down my thoughts when talking and responding to people. I know my anxiety is a huge factor in this.





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  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    I have always thought that stress, anxiety, depression and other things have a profound impact on some of the things that should be “normal”. I discovered a few years ago, I was inadvertently grinding my teeth, because I was holding so much stress inside.

    It’s so important we do things that curb the stress and anxiety in our lives.

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    1. Oh man! Indeed, stress can do a number on us if we don’t get it under some control. Thanx for reading. I hope your day is going well

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      1. tarnishedsoul says:

        Of course! It seems you and I have a commonality in anxiety.
        I made it through another day, so I am satisfied. 😊
        I hope you find some stress relief tonight.

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      2. Glad you did! I’m gonna go to bed and focus on having a great tomorrow 😐

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  2. Idle Muser says:

    When every other option seems less of a pleasure and more of a trauma, the best conversation one can have with is with oneself. This might never fail you. πŸ™‚

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    1. I have definitely had some good conversations with myself!! Lol, thank for the advice

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      1. Idle Muser says:

        They must have been.πŸ˜‰


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