Maca Root over Coffee

Oh, how I love coffee in the morning…or anytime actually! Too bad I have to cut  back on it to maintain mental stability. Over the years I realize how much coffee has an effect on my anxiety. It definitely sends me over the edge more often than not. Although, it gets me going and tastes absolutely delicious it probably causes me more harm than good.

This may not happen for every individual with anxiety. However, if you do have anxiety it is important that you may attention to how your body and mind reacts to coffee. Coffee could cause your anxiety to heighten.

There are days where I consume coffee in the morning and wonder why I am so turned up mentally and physically. Sometimes to the point of slight jitteriness.  It sometimes is a good thing to be slightly turned up, but Not to the point where I feel out of my body. It does not feel very good. It is kind of like my mind goes into super over drive mode.

I have intervals  where I will drink tea in the morning and it often gives me a boost or calms me depending on what type of tea I am drinking. During these times I still crave coffee for a few days. There are instances where I may even get a headache from coffee withdrawal. Right now my coffee intake is maybe once or twice a week now. I am also down to just one cup. I use to drink two or three cups a day.



I have been incorporating Maca Root into my diet for well over a year. Studies suggest that Maca Root can help with anxiety. Maca root is a vegetable that resembles a radish-like root. Maca is grown in Peru and is often called Peruvian Ginseng. Many claim that maca assists in improving balance, focus, energy, and infertility to name a few.  It is also loaded with B vitamins as well as C and E.

I notice that when I take the maca in the morning my days start off much better. I often feel calmer. If you are taking maca for the first time I definitely would not suggest taking directly before or after coffee. I did this once or twice and I was very jittery and did not feel very well. I personally would suggest observing how your body reacts to maca on its own first. I feel much more balanced and ready to take on the day after I take it. I take it in powder form. I am not very picky about what I put it with. I usually put it with oatmeal, water, smoothies,or even mix it in pancakes. I take with water if I am not cooking anything in particular I think maca wil go good with it. Maca does not have the most pleasant taste, but it’s not that bad to me.

I plan to take maca everyday for a month in the morning and see how my days turn out. I usually do not take it very consistently. Maybe three or four times a week then I’ll skip days and go back to it. I also won’t consume any coffee during this time. I believe that if I were to take it more consistently it would have a better outcome for me. Once I take it for several months I give my body a break from it then resume after a month or so. Hopefully, this will help me to regain more control over my anxiety and give me the energy I need.


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  1. tarnishedsoul says:

    Wow! Thanks for the idea…
    I’ve been wondering for a long time if my coffee – a.k.a. Starbucks’Latte – is really doing me some harm. I think I need to look into this Maca root…

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    1. Yea, it’s definitely worth a try. It’s plenty of info out there on it. I got mines from a local health food store. I have a thing for Starbucks coffee too lol.

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  2. Tareau Barron says:

    Great story. You wanna hear something funny? No? Well imma tell ya anyway. Haha. Coffee makes me sleepy. It does the total opposite of what it’s supposed to do for me

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    1. Thanks for reading!! I know a few people coffee does that to. Or they claim that it does nothing at all to them. What helps keep you up if you’ve had a long night though?

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      1. Tareau Barron says:

        I’m usually sleep at 10am because I wake up at 430am. Being a bus driver, rest is very important. So I force myself to sleep

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      2. Rest is very important with certain jobs. You have to be alert at all times driving a bus.

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