Chili & Chillin’

I had been contemplating making turkey chili for a couple weeks now. It’s officially the middle of September and Autumn is right around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to make it. (Autumn is also my favorite season due to the weather and fashion mostly) I forgot to take the beans out the night beforehand. I took them out to soak around 8am. I started cooking them around 4:30pm and finished a little after 10:30pm or so. I let it cool off for a while. By this time I was getting pretty tired.

The beans turned out really well!! I have cooked chili before, but sometimes it does not come out exactly how I would want. I also like my foods quite spicy at times. My significant other does not like food as spicy as I do. I often have to watch how much curry, cayenne, jalapenos, etc I put on foods.


Since I decided to cook this on a Thursday….I can enjoy my chili over weekend and relax. I don’t plan on doing much. 

I skipped my workout today. My body hurts and I just wanted to rest. I’m pretty fit to begin with, but started working out consistently several months ago. My goal is to tone a bit more. I’ve recently been coming to terms with my body type. I am a very small, short, petite woman, with a small frame, yet with tiny curves that fit me. I am basically kinda tiny as some describe me. I realize that I am naturally a small person. I may not get huge legs from working out. This is fine with me… body goal is my best body. I will not ever look the way another person looks.  I think sometimes we trick ourselves into believing certain type of exercises will give us an a** like Serena Williams. Just because you do a few squats your a** is not gonna just blow up and expand!! When I was younger people made fun of how small I was. Now, many people compliment me on my shape as an adult. There are still some that try to make me feel a certain way, but it does not bother me at this point in life. I do feel my metabolism slowing down now. I have to work a little harder than I use to after too many beers, which I don’t drink as much anymore.








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  1. Tareau Barron says:

    I really like the looks of the chili. Also I agree with you. Our bodies are very different and we should try to get the best body we can

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    1. Absolutely!! I feel like a lot of people try to model their bodies after others. Just have ‘your’ best body. It also doesn’t have to be perfect ya know.

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      1. Tareau Barron says:

        What grinds my gears is alot of people don’t try to get the best body you know?

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      2. The ones that refuse to workout and eat trash?

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      3. Tareau Barron says:

        Yes but also the ones who knows there are surgeries, implants, cosmetics, pills etc. Like I know so many ladies who are unhappy with their bodies. “OMG I’m so fat” and it seems like every woman feels that way now. You have to remember those celebrities they parade around to make people insecure has trainers, nutritionist, nannies, babysitters, assistants, to help them focus on their body. I’m like if you don’t like your body, what would u change? It always boobs, butt, and stomach. Every woman’s body is different (like u said) and burn calories and tones differently. It just sucks when I see people say “Oh I’m fat I need to go to the gym” and they eat cookies. Then they want people to accept their bodily sizes. Lmfao I’m sorry for venting but I’m just happy you’re happy with your body

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      4. No problem! I’m glad you made that plain for me. I agree x10 lol!!! Some people just need that motivation. I was always tiny buy drank beers a lot for several years. I started getting a slight pudge and I decided to fix it. Everyone still said I was fine, but I know what I’m comfortable with. The celebrity/reality stars have all kinds of stuff they use to get those “perfect” bodies.

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      5. Tareau Barron says:

        Exactly. See Nicki Minaj pretty 2008 also for us men there’s alot of dudes that take HGH and PEDs

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  2. ronbrownx says:

    Your chili looks great!

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    1. Thank u! Thanx for reading also

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      1. ronbrownx says:

        Thank you for dropping in on the “Time Tunnel” also.


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